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Spotlight : Metallika Collection

Today we are spotlighting the Metallika collection. One of our most popular collections for the past year. Dark metals and hematite give a rocker chic look. We mixed crystal chains, gold chains, and dark silvers to make a heavy metal look that can be matched with all kinds of colors. The collection is large and you can see more pieces at our website  but for now I’m just going to show a few favorites. First is this huge statement making necklace. Worn by the always fashionable Style Alien and featured in Bazaar China.


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This necklace is very attention grabbing. Alongside it is a mixed metal chain bracelet. Great for layering, or not since it already looks like 5 bracelets in one. These pieces are perfect for all ages, one of my trendier collections but still wearable for women my age. See the bracelet here and the necklace here.

michal golan metallika

Circle Pendant Necklace (link) :  $170


Multi Chain Bracelet (link) : $110

Next is a large oval cuff bracelet. The bracelet snaps opened and closed and stays on securely. Centered in the bracelet is a large 6mm by 8mm hematite cabochon. The name hematite comes form the greek word for blood, possibly due to it’s high iron content. Hematite is actually a mineral. In Feng Shui hematite is used for its grounding and balancing properties.

IMG_6605Next is a large dangle earring. I love this earring because of the contrast of the dark colors and the very fun and feminine shape. The dangles and peek-a-boo tear drop are so flirty, but the metal and hematite makes it a bit more serious and fashion forward.


Open Drop and Dangle Earrings (link) : $135

The bracelet below is such fun to wear. It’s a grown-up charm bracelet featuring beads, metal circles, and gold diamonds with hematite centers.


Charm Bracelet (link) : $85


Lastly are some fun open necklace, a cute open circle and an off center open heart. As well as cool cocktail ring. The heart is also a nice contrast and girly and heavy metal. The perfect heart necklace for any New Yorkers out there who stick to the classic all black uniform but still have a little romance in them.


Open Heart Pendant Necklace (link) : $110

So head to the site and check it out. What do you think? Are you a fan of this collection? Any other silhouettes you would like to see?