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Hi Guys,

I just came back from a fun vacation with my son Oren. It all started when I watched a travel show called Rick Steve’s Europe. He went to Budapest and I was intrigued by the beauty of the city and the natural hot water sings that are part of the fabric of the city. We rented a lovely apartment in the center of Budapest near the opera house and we spent a week exploring this amazing city. Here are some highlights

We spent a relaxing afternoon soaking in the natural hot water in both indoor and outdoor pools. The Szechenyi Baths were built before WWI and the Gellen Baths are in a gorgeous art nouveau decoration style from 1918.


We also saw Othello at the Opera. It was wonderful and very affordable. We had prime seats for only about $80. The opera building is an incredible neo-renaissance style building from 1884.


The local food was amazing! Here is my son Oren enjoying a steak. Also pictured was the vibrant food market.


A few photos of the gorgeous Danube river and the beautiful bridges


Hero Square

The biggest synagogue in Europe



A few other recommendations: head to ruin pubs and garden clubs for fun night life, check out the Hungarian National Gallery and the National Szecheny Library, head to the House of Terror- the secret police head quarters from communist times which has now been turned into a museum.

I can’t wait to visit Budapest again! Afterwards my son went back to NYC, and I continued on to Israel to visit my family. March is one of the best times to visit Israel since it’s the peak of springtime and the whole country is in full bloom. Here are some pictures I took