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Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is only 2 weeks away. Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year’s it literally means head of the year in Hebrew. Rosh is head and shana is year. So if you have any jewish friends make sure to wish them a Shana Tova, or good year, in 2 weeks. Or anytime! Never to late to start having a good year.

I love Rosh Hashanah because it is one of the happy holidays. Many Jewish holidays are somber and not very festive, but on Rosh Hanshanah we all sit down together for a big meal. We eat apples dipped in honey so that our coming years will be sweet. And we just spend time with family and friends. I will share some of my favorite holiday recipes in the coming weeks.

Jewish communities are often very close knit, and it’s rare that we ever spend a holiday with just family. Family extends to include friends and friends of friends. So it’s likely that if you are celebrating this year you will either be hosting or be hosted. I hate showing up to someone’s house for a holiday empty handed, and I don’t always have the time to cook. Plus how difficult is it to transport big dishes of food?

So I am going to be doing 15% off all Wall Hamsas the next 2 weeks! I think they are an amazing gift, regardless of your hosts gender or style. It’s an easy and unique gift, that really makes sense for this holiday. A Hamsa brings luck to a home and brightens up a room, is there a more fitting gift to kickstart the new year? No coupon code or anything. Just head to our website and the discount will happened automatically at check out. Here are our most popular Hamsas…

Hamsa W 1


Michal Golan Cat’s Eye, Pacific Opal, and Topaz wall Hamsa

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Hamsa W 2


Michal Golan orange toned wall Hamsa with enamel, glass cabochons, and crystals

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Hamsa W 3
Large Michal Golan Gold Toned wall Hamsa with glass beads and swarovski crystals

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Hamsa W 4
Michal Golan Large Black toned wall Hamsa with Multi-Eyes embellished with glass beads and Swarovski crystals.

$153 (link)

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