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Michal Golan Ceramica Pieces

In case you didn’t know, not only do I make jewelry, I also love to create ceramic art. But why not combine the two? I’ve added new pieces to my Ceramica by Michal Golan Etsy store! The ceramic store will sell only my ceramic art jewelry. All the pieces are made of clay and are completely unique, one of a kind pieces, personally created by yours truly. I like these pieces because they are so different and more organically shaped in comparison to my usual jewelry. They are more like wearable art pieces and would make wonderful gifts! I am still playing around with different chains and accents, but the main attraction is the pendant. What are your thoughts? I know it’s different than my usual stuff but do you like it? would you wear a ceramic pendant? Here are a few of my favorites!

il_570xN.619198682_4vz1MG Great Blossom Porcelain Necklace $68 (link)

MG Porcelain Rectangular Leather Bracelet $42 (link)

Blue Flower Pattern Porcelain Pendant Necklace $52 (link)

MG Circle Pendant Necklace $52 (link)