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Etsy Eyes

I did a trending on Etsy post 2 weeks ago and showed you guys this cute confetti heart necklace (link). This weekend I noticed lots of Evil Eyes getting Etsy attention, rings, bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces. You can see all the evil eye pieces in our Etsy store here (link). But we have already posted the featured images on Etsy many times on our blog, so we decided to take some fun new Evil Eye pictures. We did this photoshoot on my porch as usual. What do you think?

michal golan etsy

Medium Black Evil Eye Necklace $85 (link)
Medium White Evil Eye Bracelet $55 (link)

evil eye jewelry
Michal Golan Gold Evil Eye Necklace Opal Center $95 (link)

Small White Evil Eye Bracelet $45 (link)