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Open House NY

Hope everyone had a fun weekend. I love this colder weather. I didn’t do anything too note-worthy this week, but I forgot to write about Open House NY. It is an amazing event! For one weekend of the year, tons of private industrial and residential buildings are opened to the public. There are tours and talks and performances. Its fun not only to see what is inside these buildings, but the interiors of the buildings themselves. There is a lot of interesting and old architecture in NYC that we don’t even notice.



I went to the home of Chaim and Renee Gross. Chaim Gross is an artist. He was born in Austrian Galicia but was displaced during WWI, and moved to NYC in the 1920’s. He soon became a full time sculptor. Him and his wife bought a 4 story brownstone as their home, and made the entire top floor a sculpture studio. They collected lots of amazing art. I got to see their home and art collection, such a cool experience. Below are pictures. If you missed it then mark your calendar for next October!

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I also popped into the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House at 1 Bowling Green in the Financial District. This historical building holds the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian and the National Archives and Records Administration. Only one room was open, but it was worth seeing. I snapped a picture of the breath-taking glass ceiling.


And on a fun side note, this weekend at the Farmer’s Market, I came across some very unique Cauliflower. I had to buy the purple one. I’m curious whether it will taste any different. Have you even seen cauliflower like this? So odd.