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Pet Problems

Happy Friday everyone! We are going to be revving up our Facebook and Instagram and blogging a little less frequently. But please keep checking back, we will still do at least 1 new post a week. If you don’t already, then follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to get updates and deals.

We had a very sweet letter from a customer come in this week, and I have to share with you. Her name is Jan and she is a fan of my jewelry and has a few pieces. Last year she had a new (and very cute) addition to her family, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. He decided to snack on some of her jewelry though, and one of her Michal Golan necklaces was damaged. Having dogs myself, I totally understand! Some people might think, why even let the puppy in the bedroom if he is going to chew on everything? But anyone out there with a dog knows they are just so irresistible, it’s impossible to say no to them. Attached below is her letter, with a picture of the culprit, Beavis. Would you be able to stay mad at that face?

pup letter

Here are Beavis’s 3 step sisters, and descriptions provided by Jan: Maggie (Drama queen), BillyJo (Princess) and Snuffy (Snoopy Snuffy).  Don’t they look so regal? They would get along great with Laila, she is also quite a Princess.


We love to hear about your pets! Even if they are chewing on our jewelry, send us pics anytime. Also remember- we offer free repairs! Please email us if you have a piece that’s been through some wear and tear, an earring with a missing mate, or an old piece you want to repurchase. We can also help find matching pieces, if you have a necklace that you love and want to make a set, we will gladly find some earrings to go with it. We have tons of jewelry that is not on our website or our Etsy, we would be happy to help you find something. Have a great weekend.