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Around Town

I have been posting a lot of jewelry lately, so today I decide to fill you in on all the NYC and studio happenings. A lot more goes on in and around the studio than just jewelry making. With the office pets, me and Michael’s kids, and of course just being in the center of NYC, there’s a lot happening.

Last week Me and Michael went to the People’s Climate march. It took place only a few blocks away from the studio, right in Times Square. It was the largest climate change march in history! It was truly incredible to watch. People of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds came together to make a positive change and talk about something that is affecting us all! If you want to get involved but do not live in NY, don’t worry because there are solidarity events all over the country. Check out the website here http://peoplesclimate.org

unnamed-4 climate march climate march climate march climate march climate march climate march

Another fun event, which sadly I did not get to attend was Judy’s bridal shower. Judy is the sister of my son-in-law, Nuri. Nuri’s family has become part of our family. Thank goodness we have lovely in-laws who we always look forward to seeing. So when we found out Judy was getting married we were all excited. I even have the honor of making the bridal party’s jewelry for the big day! I will post pictures once all the pieces are ready. I was in Iceland the weekend of the shower, If you haven’t seen my Iceland pictures check them out HERE, but my daughter was able to go and said she had a wonderful time. Here is a picture of the bride with her bridesmaids as they sing her an original song! So sweet.

michal golan

And to wrap it all up here is a funny picture of Laila that Kathy took. In case you don’t remember who Kathy is, read up on all the studio employees in this blog post HERE. Laila took a sudden interest in the jewelry making and was so completely absorbed in it. It was quite funny. As Kathy put it, she is supervising production! No wonder we have such high-quality items.

michal golan jewelry