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Hamsa Fan Fashion

We had a pleasant surprise last week. A fan unexpectedly dropped by. Now that our retail locations have closed, Google marks as being located in midtown, where the studio is. Sometimes people assume that this location is another store, and just swing by. They are always surprised to see as all at work, and to hear Laila loudly protesting their visit. But, usually they stay awhile anyway and look around. It’s always a pleasure to meet my customers. We had a very fashionable young man come in and take a look at the Hamsas, he even let us snap some pictures of him. His name is Alan Aurmont. He is very NY in all black. the large Hamsa necklace adds a unique touch to his outfit, I love his style! What about you?



Would you wear a big Hamsa? Do you own one already? We’d love to see how you style it. Email us your pictures to media@michalgolan.com or hashtag us, #michalgolan on Instagram. If you are feeling inspired, take a look at these Large Hamsas below, all available on Etsy.


michal golan jewelry


Large Turquoise and Purple Hamsa Necklace $170 (link)



Multibright Mosaic Hamsa Hand Necklace $95 (link)


Freshwater Pearl Hamsa Necklace $105 (link)


Black Hamsa Cuff Bracelet $55 (link)