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American Craft Week

Hi guys. Hope you all had a good weekend. For those who observed Yom Kippur, I hope it was peaceful and pensive.

I forget to tell you last week, but American Craft Week began october 3rd. It will run until the 12th. The idea is that everyone involved in the craft world: makers, buyers, store owners, admirers- will simulteanously bring attention to the importance of keeping American craft alive. There are lots of events, festivals and fairs. You can log onto the Craft Week Website to find events in your state. You can also head to their blog to hear about events that have already happened. Here are some pictures from the site of featured crafts, you see some beautiful find jewelry, a ceramist, and a glass blower. The first image below, with the word colorful, is from a really fun and clever contest they were running. You submit a nice photo of a craft you make or admire with one word description. The idea is that the photo finishes the sentence, “American Craft is…” in this case colorful. That definitely applies to my work! I love this photo contest idea, maybe I will run one myself.


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In case you are not totally sure what “craft” week is celebrating, here is a great quote from the site:

It’s an opportunity to celebrate the wonders of American craft. Every day thousands of American artists share their vision and talent by producing amazing hand-made decorative and functional objects. And every day thousands of craft retailers share their love of these items by displaying, promoting and selling them. As one craft artist put it, “this is the creative economy!”

While other industry associations have long touted their products, the craft industry has lacked a single way to be highly visible. So we ask you to join us in publicizing, educating and displaying American Craft for ten days each October. Join the national celebration of American Craft!

Remember all our products are handmade in the USA! I’m sad we no longer have a physical store to hold some kind of event, but don’t worry, we are brainstorming some ways to make shopping in person possible again. Would you guys come to an open studio sample sale in Manhattan. It is an idea we have been throwing around in the office, let me know in the comments!