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Iceland Experience

Last week Michael and I went to Iceland for 6 days. It was completely amazing and very spontaneous. We had been hearing from all our friends that we had to go. Since Israel is such a tiny country, word about things spreads fast and there is always a new travel trend. Israelis LOVE to travel. Me and Michael are no exception. After hearing from so many people that Iceland was a must see, we decided to book tickets. It was the perfect time to go, since it can get very cold in the winter. It was a great break from the NYC heat and an amazing experience. What struck me was the landscape, it looks so surreal. Lots of ocean views, and lagoons, and volcanoes. Scroll down to see our pictures. The food was also incredible, they eat lots of smoked fish and other interesting foods. It was quite difficult to get around though. Everyone was incredibly friendly and spoke English, but even then they had trouble understanding us! Icelandic is supposed to be the hardest language to learn, and I’m not surprised. We could barely read street signs, or names of towns in our guidebook. So when we asked for directions we would completely mispronounce names of places and people would be totally clueless as to what we were trying to find. Luckily, everyone was so nice anyway and it wasn’t an issue. One of the most memorable things we did was go whale watching. They were jumping out of the water around us, I got a great picture of one of the whales tail. We also saw tons of sheep, there’s more sheep than people in Iceland it seemed! Overall it was a great time, I recommend everyone to go.

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