New Hamsas

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Only 15 days till Hanukkah! Perfect time to debut our new Hamsa Hand necklaces. Not only new colors and designs, but a completely new make. We created a whole new set of ultra light and thin metal Hamsa pendants. We … Continue reading

The Met

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Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Michael, my husband, is currently in Israel, so I had a lot of free time this weekend. First of all, here are some amazing pictures he sent me. I’m very jealous.  I … Continue reading


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I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I didn’t do much on Friday night, but I still had a great weekend. First of all, just a little reminder that our STUDIO SAMPLE SALE is this Thursday. Hope to see you … Continue reading

Pet Problems

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Happy Friday everyone! We are going to be revving up our Facebook and Instagram and blogging a little less frequently. But please keep checking back, we will still do at least 1 new post a week. If you don’t already, … Continue reading

Open House NY

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Hope everyone had a fun weekend. I love this colder weather. I didn’t do anything too note-worthy this week, but I forgot to write about Open House NY. It is an amazing event! For one weekend of the year, tons … Continue reading

Etsy Eyes

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I did a trending on Etsy post 2 weeks ago and showed you guys this cute confetti heart necklace (link). This weekend I noticed lots of Evil Eyes getting Etsy attention, rings, bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces. You can see all … Continue reading