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Hi everyone!

Last week, I saw the movie The Imitation Game. It is about Alan Turin’s role in breaking the German communication code during World War II, thereby helping the ally forces win the war faster. The machine he built, the “Turin Machine,” is the base of modern-day computers. The movie also tells the tragic story of Turin’s life. He was a gay man and lived during a time when homosexuality was outlawed in England. After being outed and getting in trouble with the law, he took his own life at the age of 41. It is a great movie and you should all go watch it!

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Purple ravine necklace & post earrings set
Necklace: Adjustable: 18 in. to 22 in.

Earrings: Length: 1 in.

Abalone, Fresh Water Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, Glass Beads




My bathroom
A few years ago my husband and I renovated our home . Even though you can find beautiful tiles in the market I decided to design and make all the tiles for the renovation myself . It was a lot of work I glazed all the tiles in my kiln but I am glad I did it .

IMG_8923 IMG_8922 IMG_8921 IMG_8920 IMG_8918

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