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Art Expo

Last week was art expo week in NYC. There were 10+ art fairs held in various venues around the city. My husband and I choose to visit 2 shows, one was held in the beautiful post office building on 34 street and 8th ave. The show was called Spring Break Art Fair. This show was a curator show meaning that a few dozen curators got rooms or gallery space in the building and they selected artist and art works that they wanted to exhibit in their space.

Some of the highlights of the show :
1-Slices of bread mounted on a  wall was strange funny and interesting
IMG_8404 IMG_8405
2- An installation of moving tread mills where the belts where painted, it reminded me of a printing press
3-My favorite was a group of 3 collages made out of socks by Aaron Johnson
IMG_8398 IMG_8399 IMG_8400
4-Other highlights
IMG_8386 IMG_8387 IMG_8389 IMG_8420
 The second  fair we went to was called the (UN)SCENE ART FAIR. It was held in a big hall on the ground floor of a building on 52 street between 10-11 ave .This show was way more polished but I enjoyed both shows  .
Here are a few highlights from the show .
IMG_8424 IMG_8425
IMG_8427 IMG_8428 IMG_8429
Erin Wiersma "Examen 1/2/2015"
Erin Wiersma “Examen 1/2/2015”
Mark Tennant "Scarf"
Mark Tennant “Scarf”
Charles Heppner "Box"
Charles Heppner “Box”
Barron Claiborne "Maga Dubh"
Barron Claiborne “Maga Dubh”
Mark Tennant "Forward"
Mark Tennant “Forward”
Fair well to winter. It’s hard to believe that my porch looked like that only a week ago
IMG_8378 IMG_8379