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Hi everyone,

Pinterest is one of the places I go to for inspiration. There are so many great images to look at: art, jewelry, fashion, furniture…such a wealth of images. I also pin most of the jewelry I make so people can see the different things that are not necessarily on my website. Just go to Pinterest and type, “Michal Golan” and you will find a lot of special pieces that I have designed.

This group of jewelry that I started working on this week is inspired by some painting I saw on Pinterest.

New Jewelry



Medical School

Also, on a happy personal note, my oldest son, Daniel, is about to graduate from Cornell Medical School in May. Last week was “Match Week” in all the medical schools in the US. This is a time when all students find out where they are going to do their residency. Daniel chose Columbia and got accepted!



Spring Snow

We had a beautiful snowstorm on the first day of Spring. I took some photos.

snowy branches

snowy branches2

snowy branches3

snowy branches 4

Farewell to snow ’til next winter!

Thank you for visiting my blog.