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Ariel_hamsa-12Last week we had a photo shoot with all our Hamsa Bracelets and Rings. The Hamsa is unique because it is a secular good luck symbol that can be appreciated by people of all relgions. The Hamsa is a traditionally Middle Eastern symbol, it has been traced back to artifacts from ancient Mesopotamia. The name hamsa comes from the Hebrew word “hamesh” which literally means five. In Islamic culture, it is known as the hand of Fatima. It is believed to be a sign of protection that brings power, strength and fortune. I also make Judaica and Crosses, but I think the Hamsa and Eye collections are special to me since they are spiritual but can be worn by Christians, Jews, Arabs and every other religion alike!


Ariel_hamsa-15 Ariel_hamsa-18 Ariel_hamsa-4We now have Hamsa bracelets on leather and beaded straps as well as Hamsa Cuffs, which are my personal favorite. The cuffs are made of brass electroplated with antiqued 24K gold and are adjustable, you just need to squeeze them to the shape of your wrist. They are up on Etsy now. The leather strapped bracelets are great to, and look amazing when layered with some eye bracelets. The hamsas themselves are all embellished with Swarovski crystals, glass beads, ansd semiprecious stones. We also have Hamsa cuffs with a single larger Hamsa, we didn’t use them in the shoot but scrool down to see some pictures of those, also very cute.

We took these photos on my porch. All the work I put into my garden this summer was worth it. Frasier helped out a little to, my son’s dog, who we have been dog sitting frequently. He loves being picked up and his gray fur made a good back drop for the jewelry, don’t you think?




If you love the Hamsa shape but don’t wear much jewelry, remember we also make large wall Hamsas. Hang them in a room for good energy, they make great wedding or housewarming gifts! Shop here.


Another fun thing I did this week is eat an amazing home-cooked meal. Michael usually prefers to eat in and just fix something up for himself and I am usually the one pushing to go out and try new restaurants. Good thing I have kids that love to go out! But when Michael decides to cook, he goes all out. For starters we had a cucumber yogurt salad, a very Israeli food. Served cold, its so light and perfect for the summer. Then for the main dish we had lemon Sole, grilled zucchini, and a roasted corn salad. The corn salad was as amazing as the one I blogged about last week from Marseille, and that is saying something. Thank you Michael.

Have a great weekend everyone!- Michal