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Pop of Pastel

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Don’t forget our sale is still going on. Today I’m going to give a shout out to some of my favorite sale pieces. I personally love colors! The more colorful the better. I think all my children are scarred from wearing neon greens and orange stripes as they were growing up. But if you’ve ever seen my jewelry, this must come as no surprise. The colorful and fun design of this bracelet is what makes it one of my favorite pieces. The pastel florals are so sweet, such a perfect gift for a younger girl in your family. Only $33! The leather strap is comfortable and the size is adjustable so it will fit any wrist. Sadly, only the oval bracelet is on sale. The square one is available full price on Etsy. Check out the discounted bracelet here.

On sale!
On sale!


Although this bracelet is so youthful and would make a great birthday gift for a niece or daughter, I really think it’s age appropriate for any woman. Especially considering how trendy pastels have been this spring and summer. Below is a cute pastel pink look from Burberry, notice the yellow nails? Pink and yellow go together so nicely. And underneath that is a lovely yellow dress by Oscar De La Renta. This bracelet can match well with any pink, blue or yellow outfit, or add a pop of color to something black or white. With so many pastels on the runway, I’m sure the trend will continue into the winter.

Burberry. Pastel pink would pair great with this bracelet.
Oscar De La Renta, showing a gorgeous shade of pastel yellow

We also have the panel bracelet below on sale from $245 to $147. It is from the same collection and features the same floral design but it’s more of a statement piece. It’s more expensive than the bracelets above, but you get a lot more glitz on your wrist! The design goes all the way around. Each panel is handmade, each flower hand painted. The bracelet has both a traditional clasp and a magnetic clasp to ensure it won’t fall off no matter what you are doing. I stole a page from Elle and added my bracelet in, doesn’t it match well? Check it out here Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 2.26.35 PM unnamed-9