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Movies and Museums

unnamed-18This weekend I saw the Ai Weiwei show at the Brooklyn museum called “According to What.” Sadly. the show ended on Sunday, so I am not recommending that you see it. But I do suggest you look him up if his name is unfamiliar and definitely go see a show of his that comes to a museum near you. The show spanned forty years of Weiwei’s work and focused on his exploration of freedom of expression. I have so much respect for him. His work is incredibly powerful and he is creating change. He has organized a number of protests in China and sheds light on human rights issues in China and across the world. He has had trouble with the law multiple times in China but continues to create his controversial work. Such a brave artist! And despite it all, his work is so aesthetically pelasing. He never sacrifices the beauty and craft of his work. Here are some images. unnamed-14 unnamed-8 unnamed-15 unnamed-11

unnamed-26 unnamed-29 unnamed-19 unnamed-12 unnamed-25 unnamed-32 In the past week I also saw the movie Boyhood. It was incredible and I highly recommend it. The movie took 12 years to make, and a lot of dedication from the entire cast and crew. You get to watch the characters grow up right before your eyes. The movie is moving and realistic, while still being postive. It is a bit long, but you woulnd’t know it. The movie flys by. There is no resolution at the end, or big plot twist, so don’t go expecting to see something like Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet it is satisfying and perfectly made. Have you seen it? Did you love it as well? let me know in the comments. Unknown