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Almost There!

Hello, if you are reading this, you have probably seen our Facebook page, or at least I hope you have. However, you probably haven’t been watching our Facebook page’s progress as closely as I have. I check our Facebook “insights” almost everyday. I love seeing us accumulate likes and shares and get feedback from fans. When we started really taking time for our social media and revamping our online store about six months ago, we only had 700 likes. Now we are at 973 page likes! I want to throw a party in the office once we get to 1,000. So, if you have not already, please head over to our FB page and like us.  Wow, we just reached 974 as I write this. Yay! Also, in case you missed Friday’s post we are having a Summer Sale all through the month of August. The spring and summer jewelry collections are all 40% off. Start shopping here. Many of the pieces are limited, so don’t wait till the end of the month. I’m expecting most items to sell out.

Here is an item that I’m sure will go fast: 2 part dangle earring from the Sky collection. Maybe they look familiar. We have posted the beautiful blogger from Peneloping wearing hers a few times. Now they are down from $90 to $54. They were made using Cat’s eye, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls.