Far & Distant Places

Last week I wrote about some blogger friends we had made, and this week we can add one more to the list! Barbara blogs for – I found her while searching online for other handmade enthusiasts and found a link to her blog. Her style is very elegant and timeless, while still managing to be young and trendy- just very European!

IMG_1756The crazy thing about our relationship is that she is based in Italy. It took us over three weeks just to get some samples to her. But as I’ve written on my blog before, I love getting customers outside the US, and now with an online store it is much easier to do that.


Barbara is not only a stylist and social media pro, but also a model. She shoots all the outfits on herself and seems so comfortable in front of the camera- I should get some tips from her. So fun seeing her in our eye jewelry, check it out HERE.

IMG_1793Speaking of relationships with people in foreign countries, my husband has gone on a very long vacation. Michael, as you remember from last weeks post with the funny hats and our DIY bracelet video; has gone off to Las Vegas to do a craft show.

michal golanMIchael is definitely more charismatic and chatty of the two of us, he is such a people person. So whenever there is a craft show (a convention where store owners come to shop wholesale) he goes to represent us. Usually he stays out there in Vegas or goes to California for a little vacation before he comes back. But this year he will fly right to Tokyo! Where he will be for over a month. It will just be me and Laila, our pet Mastiff, watching over the business and the house. I’m so jealous!



  1. Barbara is gorgeous and I love how she styled your fabulous pieces!

  2. Gah! Look at that spectacularly sparkly booth! I die!

    Gosh, Barbara’s drop dead gorgeous, isn’t she?