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Mother’s day and sushi


Mother’s day! I told you all I would remind you again. Now it’s only 2 weeks away. If you don’t have a gift remember that we have a Mother’s day coupon. We also have a sale on earrings, necklaces and sets right now. Head on over to our site! Also if you are a mother yourself and your kids are not good gift-givers just buy something for yourself. For holidays and birthdays I would always ask my kids for a day of their time instead of something bought. Just because, if there is something I want I will buy it for myself.

The other night I got to eat a lovely dinner with my daughter, Ariel, and son, Daniel, and it’s not even mother’s day yet. They are both sushi fanatics, so anytime I say the word sushi they are ready to meet me wherever. We went to a nice restaurant on 47th st. called Tsushima. They are about to close and relocate though, so don’t bother going until next month. We got to hear funny stories about medical school from Daniel.


Here is a good review of the place from Eat Big Apple

Yesterday it rained ALL DAY, today it is finally beautiful out. I’m off to enjoy the



  1. Nom, nom, sushi! What great kids you have!

    Oh, the sale section is lovely! This set is calling to me: