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Bar Virage

Hi! Hope everyone’s having a nice week so far. Last night I met my son, son-in-law, and daughter at Virage; a restaurant in the East Village. My husband has been a partner and co-owner of Virage for 14 years. Since there’s so much food competition in NYC, and every other day there is a hot new restaurant to try; we all agreed it was time for a change.


The interior was completely renovated last month. We made the bar much bigger and added a fun color changing light behind the liquor shelves. The walls and exterior were painted a refreshing blue, & luckily the mosaic floor I helped create years ago when we first opened is still there!

wrap bar

menuThe menu has also changed- now we serve mostly bar food but with a fresh Mediterranean twist! There’s lobster mac & cheese, crab cake sliders, and Mediterranean tacos made on soft fresh baked yaffa bread. I’m very excited to try all the new items. So far I’ve tried the fried chickpeas, sliders, grilled octopus salad, mozzarella balls, and tuna tartar – all were AMAZING!

spicy tuna tar tarsliders
Michael and his colleagues found some very talented bartenders to come help create drinks. I’m not a huge drinker but I do admit the cocktails are very interesting without being overly sweet; in fact a lot of them are spicy.

viragePeople are also taking notice of the renovations!!
HERE is an article I found on

I have been going there a lot lately, just to make sure everything is running smoothly. So far it seems to be a hit! It’s so fun watching all different kinds of people come in and sit at the bar. Michael and I are really hoping Virage does well! If you live in NYC make sure to swing by and let me know what you think!

nuri and daniel orderWith Mother’s Day coming up soon and Michael out of town, I made sure that my son Daniel and my son-in-law Nuri, would make some time for me. My daughter has gone to meet Michael in Japan so it will be a smaller Mother’s Day celebration than usual, but I don’t mind. Not sure what we should do. Anyone have any fun Manhattan restaurant recommendations?