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Spotlight : Blogger Oona Balloona & Peneloping

As you all know, all our jewelry is handmade here in NYC. Since we started blogging and redid the retail site, I have been looking at a lot of other blogs and trying to connect with fellow artisans, crafters, and artists online. I’ve discovered a whole community of people, mostly women; out there juggling jobs or kids and still managing to sew their own clothes and take on some incredible craft projects.

Although my company has expanded since I began, I started out just making things in my own home in my free time. And the work we do is still so hands on that I figured it would be worth a try to connect with some of these inspiring ladies. We’ve been making some online friends! Check their sites out- they make some very cool stuff.  One is blogger behind OonaBalloona I’m a huge fan of all the MadMen inspired dresses and her hilarious posts!

Peneloping is an incredible crafter as well – I love that she’s not afraid of a little color in her hair and clothes. I see a lot more hand making of clothing than jewelry out there though.

Does anyone have good suggestions of jewelry crafting blogs, or other blogs I should check out? Post in the comments!!

Also Passover is today! We are going to have a big celebration. All the kids, plus significant others, tons of friends, and friends of friends. We need a bigger dining table. I love hosting on holidays. Especially when we ask everyone to bring some food, it’s not so much work. Mainly just a lot of cleaning up the next day.

I’ll be sure to post some pictures!