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Back in the States!

Finally back in the states, but still have some Israel inspiration to write about. My last day in Israel I went to this very interesting art exhibit at Ariel Sharon Park.  The exhibit was outdoors and done by an artist named Ha Schult. It was amazing, a huge crowd of these human figures made from compressed garbage. It reminded me of the work of Vik Muniz, from Monday’s blogpost. I am very intrigued by work made using compilations of materials. As a ceramic artist, the use of many small pieces in the creation of a whole has always interested me.

The work was also great because it had a message. Seeing the amount of trash and lack of diversity in the trash, so many Coca Cola cans! Made me think of how much we consume without thinking about where it came from or where it goes. I think people need to be reminded of the consequences of something as simple as not recycling a can of soda- and this was a beautiful and creative reminder.

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The work has been shown around the world, from Paris to the arctic. I posted some pictures, but maybe it will come to a town near you and you can check it out in person! Here’s a good and informative post from Green Prophet, a cool blog about sustainability in the Middle East.

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