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Hosting Passover & Matzah Ball Soup Recipe !

Monday was passover and we hosted about 30 people here. For those who don’t know what Passover is, it is the Jewish holiday celebrating the Jews liberation from slavery in Egypt. It was quite hectic but lots of fun. My crazy kids couldn’t stop laughing when called on to read the hagadah. Everyone seemed in a giggly mood and it was struggle getting through all the reading.But that was only a small part of the night, people arrived at 6:30 and stayed until 11.

    I love hosting. When I designed the house, I made the living room open enough that we could expand the dinner table whenever we have guests. On Monday we added two extra tables! Even though we host often and I enjoy it, I am not a perfectionist about it. This year, since we had so many guests, I tried making name cards for the first time. But with so many new friends coming and friends of friends, I ended up having a lot of name cards with no names. I wrote things like “Jackie’s friend” and “Eran’s brother.” All the guests were confused and amused and in the end everyone just sat where they wanted. It was a fun experiment though, next time I’ll be sure to ask everyone’s name before hand and make real name cards.

michal golan
Almost every guest brought a dish and there was so much food. I am not the most gifted chef, but I have an incredible recipe for Matzah ball soup from my friend Dorit. I’ll give it at the end of the post. It doesn’t make the prettiest or roundest matzah balls, but they are by far the easiest and tastiest ones I’ve ever made.
Laila, our dog, probably had the best time of everyone. She was wandering beneath the big table, poking her head into peoples laps and trying to get to their plates. She ate so many leftovers, I am amazed she wasn’t sick, she has an iron stomach. Today she is back at the vet for leg surgery. I miss her already!

michalgolanMy son Daniel and I matching accidentally.

michal golan
I stayed up past my bedtime for Passover, but the next day I was right back to work. Yesterday I made my first video. It has yet to edited and posted, but it was a DIY video of how to make a memory wire bracelet. I think making jewelry is so fun and I love spreading the joy of jewelry making. Memory wire bracelets are super easy, and I have tons of spare wire to send anyone who doesn’t want to buy a whole roll at the craft store. I’ll let you know when the video is up and how you can get your free piece of memory wire.

michal golan

Filming felt so odd. I get self-conscious on camera and my voice sounds so strange to me. I’m in awe of all these crafty bloggers (see Mondays post for some great examples) who are able to pose and look great in pictures and videos.
It takes a lot of confidence. Anyway here is the recipe:

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 4 Tbs vegetable oil, 4 Tbs boiling water, 5-8 Tbs matzah meal,
Salt and pepper to taste, instant soup powder

  1. Whisk the eggs and oil together till incorporated then slowly add the boiling water
  2. Add matzah meal until the mixture is pudding consistency
  3. Let stand 15 minutes
  4. Put a big pot of date ron the stove and add some soup powder to taste, any kind is fine
  5. Spoon the matzah mixture into the boiling water
  6. After 15 minutes scoop the matzah balls out and let cool