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New Necklace Designs + Women in MOMA

I am currently working on some new pieces and trying more modern silhouettes. I’m experimenting with lighter bases for the jewelry, meaning less metal on the back of pendants and earrings. It’s opened a whole new door for me and given me a ton more room to play with shapes. Its always a little nerve racking to put out totally new things. Since we have been in business so long and have so many long term customers, I feel like I have to meet expectations. People want the classic Michal Golan look, but at the same time I need to keep it fresh and I want to attract new customers as well.

It’s all a balancing act. Anyway, its great having a blog and Etsy store now, I can make small sample batches and see how people respond and if they sell well.

Here are some pictures of these new simple and geometric pieces I’m making. All throughout the awards season I have been noticing delicate jewelry. And even the other night when daughter watched the MTV awards, I noticed that there were no big jewels. Lupita had very cool studs, Shailene Woodley had small hoops. And most other celebrities kept it to a few simple pieces. Except Nicki Minaj who was covered in gold! But even her jewelry was simple and geometric, nothing blingy.

I love the bar shape of these necklaces, I see it a lot now, I think it’s very flattering on the collarbone.

What do you guys think??

Also I saw some cool things at the MoMA last week. I like to go at lease once a month. I have a membership and love that I can just skip the line and get right in. It’s such a privilege living walking distance from one of my favorite museums. This time I saw a Gauguin exhibit of drawings. He apparently sketched his pictures after painting them, how strange is that?

henri rossoRousseau



frida kahloKahlo

I also went through the museum taking pictures of the paintings of women I liked.
It’s very thought provoking to consider how women are portrayed in art, usually by male artists.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Michelle

    I love your new work a lot. Looks like U have a lot of new inspiration.

  2. helaine bernard

    i had credit at your store. i spoke to your salesperson at the store in lower manhattan off broadway. i was a regular custome. the salesperson told me to come down and she would give me $50 credit. when i went to the store it had been closed. please advise.