Eyes Eyes Eyes

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Growing up in Israel, the eye motif was very common. In the Middle East the eye has a spiritual meaning and protects it’s wearer from the evil eye, or the bad that comes from people’s jealousy. I like to think … Continue reading

Gifts with Love

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Nothing says I Love You like handmade jewelry. Check out the hearts collection on our site. I think it is romantic to give someone (or yourself!) a unique gift that was made with care and human hands, instead of something … Continue reading

Istanbul Trip

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Hello everyone!  Last month my husband Michael and I went to Istanbul.  It was so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. I was amazed by how many decorative eyes I encountered. The eye motif was on plaques, mobiles, and jewelry. The eye … Continue reading

February 14th

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Valentine’s Day is coming up. I’m not particularly sentimental or one to get excited for holiday; but Valentine’s day has always been special to me since I have to reasons to celebrate! February 14th is also Michael’s birthday. For those … Continue reading