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NYC, films, MOMA, & Happy President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day! I’m so grateful I was able to move to the U.S. and make a name for myself, but not everyone is so fortunate.

Last year at the MOMA I saw a documentary film on our prison system. The director, Eugene Jarecki, came for a Q&A and it was fascinating. It’s called The House I Live In, and it stuck with me since I viewed it. I highly recommend everyone watch it, it will really open your eyes up to some of the injustice still occurring in our country.

It’s on Netflix now, so it’s easy to get. Also, for any one visiting New York City, the MOMA is a must see sight! And don’t forget that they have a movie theater in the museum as well. They play really interesting stuff you won’t see anywhere else! Worth a visit if you have the time.

Also if you live in NYC, this week the MOMA begins their festival of international non-fiction film. There are a few I’m looking forward to seeing. Has anyone heard of A Dream of Iron? It seems interesting, a weaving of industrial and marine life shots. Whales are some of my favorite animals so I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it!