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Studio Spotlight : Margarita

I’d like to take this time and shine the spotlight over to Margarita, our amazing studio manager.

We have worked together for over twenty years and have seen each other grow up along the way. I remember when our daughters were little girls and would have sleepovers all the time. Things change so fast, but I’m so lucky to still have her in the office. I sometimes can be a little all over the place, and it is because of the attentive and detail oriented Margarita, that every single piece that leaves this studio is perfectly made. We make a great team!
Here are some pictures of her in action.

photo 4
photo 3
Margarita jokes that she is going to work here till she dies.
She came to New York from Mexico in 1985 and has been working here with me since, so long!
She has been making jewelry from the very beginning, but she says she’s much better at it now.

photo 2(1)
Also look at the amazing wall of beads we have to work from!
Whenever I need inspiration  I come over and look at them until I find a combination that strikes me.