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Spotlight : Fifty, Not Frumpy Fashion Blog

Good Morning! I’d like the shed some spotlight on an incredible fashion blog I stumbled upon. The blog is Fifty, not Frumpy – an inspiring blog that shares and celebrates a healthy lifestyle and passion for fashion!

My mission in life is to let women know they don’t have to be invisible after 50.
I’m hoping they are also inspired to eat more healthy plant based meals and go out on dates for their whole lives.


The blogs creator; Susan Street – shares healthy recipes, important beauty tips, and well put together outfit ideas. Susan certainly has an eye for color, clothing shapes, and accessorizing- & she even composed an amazing look featuring a pair of my gold and topaz  earrings!

michal golan jewelry


Head over to Fifty, not Frumpy to get inspired and to get a glimpse into her lovely life in the south!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this on your site. I am truly honored!

  2. Thanks! We are definitely enjoying blogging and the new site, hope you are to