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Eyes Eyes Eyes

Growing up in Israel, the eye motif was very common. In the Middle East the eye has a spiritual meaning and protects it’s wearer from the evil eye, or the bad that comes from people’s jealousy. I like to think of it as a luck amulet in any culture though. I love how trendy eyes have become, it reminds me of back home and I think it’s just a very aesthetically pleasing shape. I’ve been expanding my eye line and there’s a bunch of new eye motif pieces on the site, check them out.

20121107_9999_5 I also found many other designers starting to use the eye motif, you can see some of my favorite pieces on my personal pinterest board. Click here to view!


And some other cute ones in this post by Toronto Shopaholic. Click here to check out their blog!

Also the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti from the Bravo network was wearing one in episode 5 of season 7! I happened to catch it while watching reruns the other day.
Doesn’t she look great? I should send her one of my pieces.