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Uno Alla Volta

I’d like to spotlight an amazing customer of mine. Uno Alla Volta is a catalog and retail store that has been buying from us for years. They are a pleasure to work with and they carry only the most unique and well made products. Uno Alla Volta means “one at a time,” and it guides their whole product philosophy- which is providing handcrafted “treasures and unique gifts.”  Ranging from jewelry, to handbags, scarves, and collectibles like boxes and kaleidoscopes. They have information on all their products and where they came from. We even design jewelry exclusively for their catalog. Here are some pieces you can only find on Uno Alla Volta



First, is our Pastel Brights Wall Cross. A great housewarming gift. The circles of color are fun and great for a kid’s room, and the pastel makes it very Easter appropriate.


This is the Mosaic Heart Necklace is Cobalt and Emerald. Great colors for fall. Jewel tones have been in style for sometime now, and I don’t expect them to be old news by Autumn. Comes on a partially beaded chain.


Last highlight is our Glittering Amethyst Cross Necklace. Lilac is so hot right now. This cross is perfect for summer, with its flower pattern. Very sweet, yet modern and stylish. On a rosary inspired beaded chain. One of my favorites carried by Uno Alla Volta.