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This weekend Taylor Aube of featured our Turquoise and Coral circle pendant necklace and cotton cord bracelet. She wrote of her love for the color Coral, and matched the jewelry with a cute coral dress. So I thought I would give some love to the other color in this combination and write about Turquoise. First check out how Taylor styled the pieces below and be sure to check out her blog. Taylor will be at NY fashion week so I’m sure she has some fun posts coming up. You can buy the bracelet for $54 on Etsy, click here. Sadly, this necklace is currently sold out, but if you are interested in buying let us know in the comments, maybe we can make one just for you. The pieces use reconstructed Coral and Howlite Turquoise.

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I love the color turquoise and use it a lot in my jewelry. It’s very fresh and bright. People often associate it with summer and put it away once the weather gets cold, but I think turquoise is a very versatile color. It’s a cool color, meaning it matches well with winter whites, grays, and beiges, and other cool colors we tend to wear in winter. What do you think? Is turquoise strictly summer? Here are some of my favorite Turquoise pieces.

This is a great abstract, asymmetrical pin and can also be worn as a necklace. The pin has an interesting shape and mosaic like stone placement. It uses Turquoise, Jasper, Tigers eye, crystals and Leopard skin. Would go great with winter colors like browns and blues. Only $42, see more here.


An unexpected but perfect match for turquoise is purple. This large Hamsa necklace is proof. I don’t often see turquoise and purple paired together, which is strange since they look so good next to each other. This is a piece that can really go from season to season easily. For summer with a white tank top, this necklace could be your entire outfit. But it’s also not too bright and would pair really well with a black sweater in winter. See more pictures and purchase on Etsy here



And lastly, some more Turquoise and Coral combinations. A wall Hamsa to brighten up a room or  A colorful Evil Eye necklace great for summer. The eye Costs $95, available on Etsy, see here, and the Wall Hamsa can be seen here. Wouldn’t the necklace go great with Kylie Jenner or Demi Lovato’s turquoise hair?  I am loving this trend of turquoise hair! When my sons were much much younger, maybe 9 or 10, they decided they had to have green hair. It was totally fine with me, they ended up having rainbow hair instead, but it looked great. They were trend-setters, completely ahead of the curve. If only iPhones had existed then and I had pictures, but oh well, I still remember.