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Back to School!

It’s the beginning of September which means back to school! I think most parents have a love/hate relationship with September. It’s always a relief having the kids back at school, not having to entertain them everyday of the week. But it’s also a pain to buy new school supplies, clothes, and mainly to help your kid cope with the stress and sadness of summer ending. First days are always hard. Deciding where to sit at lunch and meeting new teachers. I think a great way to give your daughter or niece, or any other young girl in your life, a boost of confidence for the first day is with something special for them to wear. When we did the photo shoot with my niece Mika last week for the Victorian Pearl collection (see here) her sister Ella also wanted to join in. Right away Ella asked if she could wear the butterfly necklace.



I didn’t design the necklace with someone her age in mind, but once she put it on I saw how it was the perfect size for her. The necklace is small and delicate, but also fun and colorful, and most importantly, not too expensive, so if it gets lost it’s no big deal. Anyway, Ella was the inspiration for this great idea to show this necklace and suggest it as a back to school gift. What do you guys think? Doesn’t it look great on her? Do you have any young girls in your life who would wear this? Links to where you can buy the pieces are below!



Atlantis Butterfly Pendant Necklace  $55  (see here)




Colorful Butterfly Pendant Chain Necklace $55 (see here)



Atlantis Light Blue Butterfly Wire Earrings $50  (see here)

& I’ve also added a new butterfly inspiration board to my Pinterest!