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Mother’s Day & Ping of Peneloping

Do you guys remember Ping of Peneloping from a few posts ago? She’s one of the amazing craft bloggers we wrote about. She has some serious sewing skills and looks great modeling her creations. She is now our internet friend and fan! Check her out sporting our earrings in this post.
michal golanmichal golan Keep checking back with her as she tries to wear as many of her own creations as possible this month. Maybe I should do something similar- my daughter always says it’s strange how little jewelry I wear. Of course, whenever I get dressed up and put jewelry on it’s usually my own, but that is not very often. It just never comes into my head to put a necklace on in the morning. I’m very low maintenance, I rarely wear makeup to work either. It definitely doesn’t help that I work in the first floor of my house. What about you all? Do you get dressed up for work? Do you put on jewelry everyday?

michal golanThis weekend I celebrated Mother’s day with only my sons, since my daughter and husband are off on an adventure. But it was a perfect Mother’s Day! For brunch I met my sons Oren, Daniel, and Oren’s girlfriend, Virginia at Marseille. It is a French restaurant right across the street from us. It is so good and since I go often, I always get a complimentary dessert.

michal golan blog
Nuri and Daniel
michal golan
brunch at Marseille
 michal golan blog
Virginia and Oren

After brunch we went to the Whitney and walked all around Central Park, all which I will write all about on Wednesday. For dinner I went out with my son Daniel and son-in-law Nuri to Tsushima, a Japanese restaurant. I’ll post pictures from my dinner and my husband’s sushi dinner all the way in Tokyo. Can you tell which is which?

michal golan
michal golanAll in all I could not have asked for a better Mother’s Day!! What did you all do?
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