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Hoop Dreams

Aside from choker necklaces all over NYFW (see blog post here) I noticed a lot of sport inspired gear. Mesh, jerseys, and even fancy sweats. I also noticed lots of hoops and thick gold necklaces. Plain simple metal jewelry is not my forte, I love stones and beads and colors. We don’t sell any classic hoop earrings, but I do love circles, they are my favorite shape!

I use a lot of open circles in my jewelry; open circles have a lot of movement, and are eye-catching, without being overwhelming, the way a very large earring can be. So check out some of my favorite unconventional “hoops.”

Do something a little different this fall with a pair of these cute earrings.

michal golan

Florence Medium Hoop Earrings $110 (link)
Abalone, Blue Lapiz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Swarovski Crystals


Victorian Pearl Hoop Post Earrings $90 (link)
Fresh Water Pearls, Garnet, Glass Cabochons


Kaleidoscope 2 Part Hoop Earrings $125  (link)
Class Cabochons, Swarovski Crystals


Garnet Hoops Earrings $110 $52  (link)
Garnet, Swarovski Crystals