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Rosh Hashanah

Happy Rosh Hashana! We had a huge feast as usual. There were about 30 guests here. We had to borrow 2 tables from the jewelry studio to fit everyone. Luckily, we didn’t have to do all the cooking. Our friends all brought food and wine, but we also pitched in.  Micheal made an amazing chicken and vegetable dish, I made a salad. Me and my daughter together made some traditional desserts. We had baked apples, honey cake, and cookies. Some people call honey cake the Jewish fruit cake, one of those holiday desserts that is dry and flavorless and not really enjoyed by anyone. Not with this recipe  http://toriavey.com/toris-kitchen/2013/08/honey-apple-cake/, it was absolutely amazing! We added shredded apples making it super moist and not too dense. The only trouble was it took very long to bake, so if you plan on making it, just take that into account. We doubled the recipe to make 2 and it worked out fine. We also made these amazing crescent cookies. So simple! We made a quick dough, with yeast, milk, and flour. Then toasted some crushed walnuts and raisins. We took small amounts of dough, rolled them flat, filled with nuts and raisins, and rolled them up into crescent shapes. So easy and tasty! I never realized cookies making and ceramics were so similar. My son in law’s father is gluten-free, so we also made baked apples. Which were a hit as well! I forgot they were in the oven, then mid-meal I realized I had never taken them out. Thankfully, it is hard to burn an apple unnamed-4 unnamed-8 unnamed-1 unnamed unnamed-6 All the food was delicious. And everyone had fun. We usually do serve-yourself style, which can get a little messy, as you can see in the picture above. I prefer it though, less work and people can keep coming up for seconds. Laila circled the table all night waiting for leftovers. unnamed-7 It was a great Rosh Hashanah, and also a great anniversary! I have a terrible memory, I never remember when me and Michael’s anniversary is. He caught me off guard when he told me yesterday that we had met on Rosh Hashanah 36 years ago. We made a toast about it at dinner and everyone cheered! It was very sweet. Hope you all had a great holiday! -Michal unnamed-9