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Art in the city

Hi Everyone!

I visited the new Whitney Museum with my friend Dov from Israel. I loved the new building. It is designed by Renzo PianoI saw an interview with the architect and the director of the Whitney on Charlie Rose. When asked why the Board of Directors chose Renzo Piano to design the new building he said that they interviewed 10 architects for the project and asked each to name an architect who they admired. All the candidates named Renzo Piano. Hence, he was the obvious choice for the project. The views from the new building are so interesting and there are many outdoor spaces. IMG_5624 IMG_5625 IMG_5626 FullSizeRender

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I always love visiting the Whitney Museum as it has an impressive collection of contemporary American art. These are some highlights from the current exhibits.




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I am so glad the new museum is closer to my home now and I don’t have to go all the way to the upper east side to visit

As I walked out of the subway on Monday, on my way to my ceramics class, I saw these billboards that were peeling off. They were amazingly beautiful and looked as nice as any piece of art in a museum. I am not sure if it was created intentionally or accidentally as part of the cleaning process of the billboards.

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As I walked out of Central Park this Sunday with my dog Laila, I saw this cool art installation at the corner of 5th avenue and 59th street. It was spools of ropes in different colors on a metal structure.