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Fun outings in the city

A few weeks ago I saw an incredible movie at the MoMA. ‘Meru’, it’s a documentary about three guys setting up to conquer a peak in the Himalayas that has never been conquered before. Its a beautiful story of human determination, failure and triumph. The amazing fact is that it was shot by two of the three climbers themselves without any camera crew. It is playing now in some theaters. Its a must-see movie even if you don’t have any interest in mountain climbing. It is currently playing in NYC at Angelika Film Center, at Jacob Burns Pleasantville NY, at Bow Tie Cinemas 100 White Plains NY  and  at Bow Tie Cinemas Roslyn Theatre Roslyn NY

Here are some photos from the movie:

 Conrad Anker looking out of the portaledge at 20,000 ft.  Artist Renan Ozturk painting at basecamp before the 2008 Meru attempt.

 Jimmy Chin, Renan Ozturk and Conrad Anker rejoice after 12 days on the route. The descent is often the most dangerous part of climb. After two days of rappelling through severely overhanging rock, down rock strafed gullies and the final lower alpine ice wall, the team is finally able to take in their accomplishment.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my favorite destinations in New York. Recently I saw an exhibit there called “China: Through the looking Glass”. It is very inspiring exhibit that focuses on how Chinese aesthetics before and after the communist revolution influenced western fashion designers. The show is beautifully set with Chinese costumes and ceramics juxtaposed with western designs. The show ends September 7, 2015.

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IMG_6153 IMG_6152 IMG_6149 IMG_6147

IMG_6141 IMG_6139 IMG_6138 IMG_6137 IMG_6145

Laila, loves water and each time we go to Central Park she has to step into any puddle or pool she sees. I try and stop her from going into the main fountain because the park rangers say that the water plants are very delicate and the dogs disturb them. But since Laila is off the leash it doesn’t work to tell her to stop. She runs and jumps into the fountain despite my protests, But I make sure its a quick dip and she doesn’t lurks in the fountain and disturb the delicate water lilies.

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