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Spotlight : Gift Boxes

When you get someone a piece of jewelry that is truly their taste, it’s the best gift. But it can be so hard to know. What metals they prefer? Whether they have enough necklaces or whether they’d prefer earrings? Their ring size (all our rings our adjustable though, so not a problem here!). Etc. It’s not quite the holiday season, but I was brainstorming some fun holidays promotions and things to do, and remembered what wonderful gift boxes we have. They often get overshadowed by jewelry on our Etsy store, where you can find all the boxes below, but they are just as great. All the boxes are intricately designed with semi-precious stones, just like my jewelry. The boxes themselves are carved with designs and swirls, all the casting molds were created by me, and each has an engraved logo. Gift boxes make such easy gifts. People are much less picky about something they do not have to wear out. A beautiful gift box will always be appreciated even if it’s not someone’s favorite color or favorite metal. Also, it’s just plain useful! These are the perfect size to place studs, earring backs, even something like paper clips. Good for a desk, bedside table, or dresser. You should consider putting one of these on your holiday wish list.

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Michal Golan Silver Square Criscola Garnet Pearl Gift Box $110 (link)

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Michal Golan Long Oval Gift Box with Abalone, Amethyst, & Fresh Water Pearls $42 (link)

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Michal Golan Oval Semi-Precious Stone and Sterling Silver Gift Box $56 (link)

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Michal Golan Gold Rectangle Amethyst & Pearl Gift Box $85 (link)