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Recommended Reading

I have been reading The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson, and it is so amazing, I highly recommend it. My son-in-law brought the book on our New Year’s trip to Florida. But he was too slow to pick it up and my daughter, Ariel, started reading it. Once she was done she raved about how good it was to all of us, so before she had a chance to return it I started reading it myself, sorry Nuri! It is his book and he will be the last to read it.

the orphans master's son by adam johnson
It takes place in North Korea and really shows what an interesting and suffering country it is. But it is not all about the country, the characters are very real and there is a touching love story. I am curious to know how much is fact and how much is fiction. It is technically a work of fiction, but the description of the country seems very well researched and realistic. There is an interview with the author at the end of the book, he says he visited North Korea and did lots of research. Also if you still aren’t convinced, the book won a Pulitzer prize!

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For more recommended reading check out our new About Us booklet. It is at the printers right now. It explains our company, talks abut the employees, and shows you how to take care of your jewelry. From now on we will include a booklet in every purchase. If you already own Michal Golan Jewelry and would like a booklet please just let us know! Message us your address on Facebook and be sure to like us as well!