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In case you are a new reader, I have both a cat, Totoro, and a dog, Laila. And they are important characters in the blog and my life. So today I will give a little update on them. First of all Totoro got a long overdue haircut. He has such full and long hair. Which looks amazing, but also has the tendency to get dirty and get dirt trapped in it. He was looking very raggedy but we finally got him to hairdresser and now he is so stylish.

IMG_1468IMG_1516Also here is a funny picture our employee Nicki took of Totoro. He is quite the wine connoisseur but had one too many drinks.

I had one too many drinks! *hiccup*
I had one too many drinks! *hiccup*

As for Laila, she had one surgery a few weeks ago. It was a really struggle getting her to stay still so it could heal properly. She got cabin fever and started barking at everything and running around the house like crazy! She has a mind of her own and always does what she wants. Now I am less worried about her energetic behavior since her legs seems to be doing very well.

IMG_1482She is putting almost even weight on both as she goes up the stairs. She posed for me for a few minutes out on our balcony. She looks so majestic.

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Have a lovely weekend everyone!