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Holiday Weekend

Last week we had a Holiday Party for the office. We usually have a potluck and setup a big table in the middle of the studio. This year a lot of people chose to take a few days off. So we figured, why not take the opportunity to go out for a meal. We went to Ollies for chinese food, and it was great. I didn’t know this, but apparently going to eat Chinese food on Christmas is a Jewish tradition. Who knew? Anyway, we had a great time and here are some pictures. Maybe you recognize some of the employees from our Etsy About page? unnamed-15 unnamed-11 unnamed-9 unnamedAs usual, I also went to Central Park this weekend. It was so nice out on Saturday. Me and Laila visited the Alice in Wonderland statue. It’s such a cute statue. All the characters are there: the late rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and of course Alice sitting on a mushroom. If you haven’t stumbled upon this in Central Park yet, go find it!



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I also found this mossy tree that inspired me. What cool patterns the moss and bark make. I find inspiration for my art and jewelry all over the place.

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To end the post, some beautiful shots of the NYC skyline. So happy to live here!!!

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