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Best of 2014!

There have been many great moments in 2014, but I’ve tried to narrow down my favorite experiences of this year. Here they are! :

1. Best Vacation: Going to Iceland with my husband

This was a very enjoyable experience. The landscape of Iceland is amazing- there are such beautiful views! I also enjoyed simply exploring the area, hiking, whale-watching, and eating lots of delicious seafood. The people of Iceland are so friendly, as well, so I suggest taking a trip there as soon as you can!


photo 4

2. Best Movie: Boyhood

This was a great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It follows a young boy and his sister as they grow into adulthood over the span of 12 years. It is amazing to watch someone grow up in front of your eyes on the big screen, it’s equally intriguing and moving. I highly recommend watching Boyhood !

3. Best Book: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Although this novel was published in 2010, I only got the chance to read it just this year, and I’m so glad I did. It contains a realistic sense that allows the reader the ability to relate to the events that transpire in the book. There is a serious, yet compelling tone to the novel, which is what gives it its appealing vibe. If you decide to read the book, please let me know in the comments!


4. Best Meal: Brunch at “Virage” with my husband and three “babies” (or rather, my grown-up kids)

This is an excellent place for brunch. They serve French/Italian/Middle Eastern cuisine so there are a range of foods to choose from in order to satisfy anyone’s palette. Located in the East Village, “Virage” serves a wonderful array of options on the Brunch menu, including Eggs Benedict, omelettes, pancakes, crepes, and even a “Middle Eastern Brunch.” The following images are testaments to the fact that the food is just exquisite!

Visit “Virage” for Brunch today!


5. Best new collection I created:

This collection has a fun, fresh, and new look. It’s my favorite of this year. There are currently two pieces available on Etsy, but we will have more pieces like them available soon! Below is one of the necklaces available on Etsy. Plated in 24k Gold and embedded with Carnelian stones and mint green accents. It reflects the light beautifully.



In addition, the pieces have interesting geometric shapes and are very different from anything else we’ve created before!


Please let me know what you think of this new collection in the Comments section!

6. Best new idea: Having an open studio event so that we can meet/interact with our customers!

Meeting with YOU is a new idea I had this year. Our customers are very important to us, and we’d like to show our appreciation by having an open studio event. We’ve had two events like this so far, but we’d like to continue to host them so that our customers can witness where the magic happens in the creation of our jewelry!


7. Best Exhibit: Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at the Museum of Modern Art

It always makes me happy to look at the Matisse Paper Cut-Outs. The colors and the compositions are so dynamic and creative. It was such a joy to visit the MoMa Exhibition, and I learned about how he made the artwork by pinning the cuts to paper and moving them around until he was satisfied with the composition.



8. Best App: Mag Light

This app is so useful and fun! I highly recommend getting it because of its capability to both be used as a flashlight and a magnifying glass. It’s great for people who forget their glasses when they need to read the menu in a dark restaurant!


mag light app


9. Best Routine: Exploring Central Park on a long walk with my dog, Laila!