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Food Festival

As you guys know, my husband is still in Japan. He loves it there and is even thinking of taking Japanese classes when he comes back. If he had his way we would pick up and leave and travel the world. But I am always reminded of how much I love New York, I don’t think I could call anywhere else home. Just last week as I was walking to the Union Square farmers market, I stumbled upon an international dance festival. There were Bolivian, Javanese, Brazilian, and Dominican dance troupes. Just to name a few. There was also modern and classical dance and everything in between. It reminded me how New York celebrates different cultures and customs. Isn’t it amazing that so many different kinds of people can live in such a small place in relative harmony? It’s such a beautiful thing! Another reminder of that was the international food festival on my block last weekend.

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Diversity is the main reason I love New York, but there are so many other great things about the city. The museums, the art scene, the restaurants, Lincoln center, Central Park, Theater- both on and off Broadway, and of course the fact that you can walk anywhere. This is the best place In the world for me, I don’t see myself ever living somewhere else.