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Collaboration with Roni

I have recently been collaborating with my dear friend Roni. We have known each other since I can remember, and he is also my husband’s closest friend. Roni is a very talented artist and sculptor. He creates gravestones and has a lot of experience working with stone and other materials I am less familiar with. He also creates amazing small scale sculptures and paintings, using oil or acrylic. Last time I was in Israel I got an amazing private tour of the new gallery he created outside his house. He created it all, from choosing lighting fixtures to building sliding panels to display the paintings. Here is a link to his website http://www.adamvaeven.co.il

It is all in Hebrew, but you can still click around and see images of his work. Below are some my favorite pictures form the site. I am excited to see how we work together! I’ll keep you all updated. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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