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Food + Fashion

Hi, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Taylor of stopdropandvogue made my Sunday with a glowing review of an evil eye bracelet she purchased in Cape Cod. You might recognize these pictures from our FB. We found Taylor through instagram after she posted this cute picture of her layered arm candy, which featured our own evil eye. The world is so small with social media. Taylor is a blogger with amazing taste and great writing skills. Her blog features her own outfits, her favorite runway looks, DIY projects and, my favorite, delicious food pictures and recipes. Check her blog out and expect to hear more about her!

tumblr_na9e6o22o91qg3ttqo5_500tumblr_n9ui3o9un71qg3ttqo1_500tumblr_n8tktgJvEm1qg3ttqo4_500 tumblr_n9cer52HHU1qg3ttqo1_500 tumblr_n7wkb4kLDc1qg3ttqo1_500Last week I went to an amazing restaurant called Juni, it’s on East 31st street. It’s a splurge with a 2 course meal costing $30 at lunch, but the food was art. It is worth it just for the experience, these are dishes you won’t find anywhere else. I went with Michael and our friend Liron, who is a chef. She was also impressed, meaning it must have been pretty good. I love going out to lunch with a  few other people, you get to try more dishes. For starters we got a Kale soup with a lightly cooked egg on top, a pistachio summer salad with white balsamic dressing, and a saffron corn dish with crab. I know the dishes look a bit odd and frothy, but they tasted incredible!

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For main courses we had the pork belly with radish sprouts and apricot vinegar, the black bass with cucumbers and tapioca, and the halibut with tomatoes and basil. Such odd but successful flavor combinations.

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Finally for dessert we had a bowl of seasonal sorbets and a coconut ricotta concoction. If you have a special event coming up, or just want to treat yourself I highly recommend it!

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