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Ceramic Art

Hi everyone – hope you all had a great weekend. I’m very excited about my new ceramic pieces, which are featured on my website and for sale on Etsy. Working with ceramics has been a key part of my artwork for the past decade. Each ceramic mosaic is hand-crafted, using a mixture of various clays, stoneware, ceramics, tiles and glazes to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

I draw inspiration from the vast breadth of history, culture and archaeology of my native Israel. There are many Roman and Byzantine mosaics in Israel, each of which hold a profound cultural significance and unique beauty. Building off of Israel’s rich cultural history, I also find inspiration in the vibrancy of New York City and many other places I visit in my day-to-day life. Living in a city like New York offers unlimited exposure to art and culture, from which I am constantly learning.

Above is my Lines Mosaic made of white stoneware, sculpture clay, lowfire glazes, oxides, stone and tiles. Click here to purchase.

When I was living in NYC with two young children, I attended a weekly ceramic class to get some much needed me-time. I started learning the technical side of crafting ceramics, beginning with small tiles and experimenting with the use of color. I began to put smaller tiles together and adhering them to create larger mosaics.

I have always been interested in the way individual objects come together to form larger pictures, and move the pieces around until I find how they best fit together. With these mosaics, I strive to create a balance between the traditions of antiquity and the innovation and excitement of modern art.

I love to work with clay because it is so versatile, and very easy to maneuver. It allows me to effortlessly modify the design or shape of a piece, and I can also easily make my mark by imprinting, moulding or scraping.

Below is my Day of the Dead mosaic with skull detail. It is made from stoneware, sculpture clay, ceramic and tile. Click here to purchase.


June Mosaic

Click here to purchase.June