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Michal Golan on bigcartel

We have exciting news! Michal Golan Jewelry is now available on bigcartel.com a website where you can browse through merchandise from several jewelry and clothing boutiques. We have some items up and will be adding more. I really love the layout of this site. It’s so clean and simple and you might even prefer it to our own website shopping experience. I’m particular about where I shop online to so I try and put my pieces on as many different sites as possible, so everyone can shop Michal Golan easily. Go to big cartel and let me know what you think in the comments. Check out our store on this site!



We also have a new GIFT SECTION on the Michal Golan website. Check it out and purchase a gift for your loved ones and friends today! There are new items to choose from, including beautifully detailed belt buckles, frames, letter openers, cuff links, bookmarks, pill boxes, drawer pulls, and jewelry boxes. Here are a few examples below:

Garnet Square Flower Cuff Links

Michal Golan Handmade Jewelry

Green Pill Box

Michal Golan Handmade Jewelry

Trapezoid Letter Opener

Michal Golan Handmade Jewelry

Blue Mother of Pearl Rectangular Belt Buckle

Michal Golan Handmade Jewelry

Midnight Blossom Picture Frame

Michal Golan Handmade Jewelry

I also recommend seeing the movie, Mr. Turner.  A very interesting period piece about the British artist, J.M.W. Turner, whose melancholic work mainly depicts scenic views of oceans. It is currently in theaters, and I saw it last week. I LOVED it, go see now!



Lastly, I am currently in Buenos Aires with my daughter. Having so much fun. Can’t wait to blog with all the pics and details next week. Expect a blog later in the week, since I will be traveling Monday. Thanks everyone for reading!