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Light & Dark

Thank you again Style Alien! Martina, who we featured last week, has worn our jewelry in her latest blog post/photo shoot. We should hire her to make our ads. The jewelry really looks great. Last week she wore some of our pieces with a long white dress. But as she said in the post, this time they are styled with a “more dark and mystery vibe.” Both ways look amazing. Here are some pictures from both of her posts.

unnamed-4 michal golan unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-5 In case you were wondering she is wearing a necklace from the Metallika collection, which you may have seen on the blog before since it was feature in Harper’s Bazaar China. She also has a black and blue evil eye ring. Click here and here to view both her blog posts! And here you can purchase the pieces she is wearing: michal golan metallikaClick here to view this necklace at our store! michal golan& Click here to shop the Evil Eye Ring at our Etsy shop!

Aside from style inspiration thanks to Martina, I was inspired by some amazing art this week as well. I went with my son Oren and his girlfriend Virginia to see the Kara Walker installation in Brooklyn. The pieces were very moving. I love Walker’s work. She makes very powerful statements about race and gender in her work, yet it is all infused with humor, tragedy, and aesthetic simplicity and beauty. I also love that you can always spot her work in a heartbeat, she has such a unique style. If you are in NYC make sure to go see it.

michal golan-Michal